Crushing The Distance – ZaZa Booth’s first novel.

Crushing The Distance is about falling for a boy who lives thousands of miles away and learning to deal with all of the trials and tribulations that it entails.

Teaser – Stephanie is finally a teenager. This is going to be the best summer of her life! Or is it? She is headed out West on a YMCA youth trip. She steals glances at Matthew, a rather goofy, but good looking, boy who sits next to her. By the end of the trip, Matthew is her first boyfriend. The problem is that he lives thousands of miles away from her! As they return to normal lives, only letters, snail mail, keep them connected. Is having a pen-pal, fabulous boyfriend enough, or will Stephanie’s desire to have a boyfriend she can actually see, hear and feel win out? And what happens when Matthew returns for a summer visit?

Crushing the Distance is a really good storyline. The descriptions were like watching a movie. – Greta (age 12)

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Crushing the distance

Exciting News:

With great enthusiasm, I announce that I have had two short fiction submissions accepted for the Jambalaya Writers’ Conference Anthology! The Jambalaya Writers’ Conference is held every year in the Spring at the Terrebonne Parish Library. The first year I attended, Pulitzer Prize winning author, Rick Bragg, was the guest speaker. Ya hoo!!!!!