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Fire sign with a lot of wind. Born in New Orleans. Love costumes. Mardi Gras and Halloween great fun. Been known to wear a wig in Wal-Mart just to get through the experience. End result- it didn’t really help.

Can’t stand conflict. I am all about the love. I drive loved ones crazy trying to offer another point of view to their crisis. I’ve gotten better.

Spiritual seeker. Didn’t realize this is a character trait until recently. Like, duh! Many self-awareness workshops and books. All time favorite- The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. But read and work it with a bestie. You will never be the same.

Two kids (son 16, daughter 14), a dog and a cat! How American is that? I am still looking for the .5 kid. My biggest ah-ha moment was when I held my first born in my arms and thought “So, this is why I played with baby dolls so much when I was little.”

English major. Graduated cum laude. Have never really considered my self that smart. More of a hard-worker-brown-noser type. I am re-evaluating this belief. Embracing my smartness.

So delighted to share with you. I hope you find your inspiration!

In gratitude,
ZaZa Booth

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